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So I tried pumpkin donuts from the grocery store and, while delicious, they did not taste like pumpkin. So this week I got pumpkin butter and pumpkin english muffins. The pumpkin butter isn’t bad, but it tastes a lot like pumpkin flavored syrup; too much sugar, not enough spice. The english muffins are pretty good so far though…still need to try one without the pumpkin butter to get the full effect. I also got apple pie english muffins, but haven’t tried them yet.

It’s still hot here and I’m trying to force fall by eating fall-related foods. On a related note, I’m so sick of Halloween candy right now.

I wish i looked anything other than silly in lipstick right now, because that’s pretty awesome looking. Also dunkin donuts has this pumpkin filled donut of pure pumpkin-y goodness.
For some reason, it seems like finding the right lipstick color is so much more difficult than finding the right color of eyeshadow, or even foundation or whatever. Cool, blue based tones usually look better on me, but I’m all about that bronze color right now. I only recently started wearing lipstick again, too.
AWW, MAN! I live nowhere near a Dunkin. That sounds amazing! The ones I bought are good, but you can’t really taste any pumpkin. I’m a little disappointed.

The coolest things come out in the fall…

Nyx Cosmetics just came out with a new lipstick line called Wicked Lippie, and the colors are awesome! I want the color Wrath so badly, you don’t even know. I’m trying to figure out a way to justify buying any makeup right now, though. Especially since this line is not available in stores (yet) and you can only get it from the Nyx website (free shipping when you spend $25+, which isn’t really bad, but more than I want to spend). Someone on Reddit was kind enough to swatch the entire line. I’d get Cold Hearted and Betrayal, too, if I had the money. These make normal lipstick colors seem so boring… :)

Also, Entenmann’s pumpkin donuts are in grocery stores now. I bought a box when I went grocery shopping today, but I haven’t had one yet. It’s probably delicious, though. I love this time of year. Just pumpkin everything.


When I first heard this show was going to air, I was cautiously optimistic. I mean, as much as I love comics and DC, I never really got into other superhero/comic book-based shows, like Smallville or Arrow (although I’ll probably give The Flash and Constantine a shot). But I’ve been a Batman fan since I was 10 years old, and I had to see if this was going to be as cool as it sounded (since Birds of Prey, I’ve had serious doubts that there’d ever be a good Batverse TV series)

Gotham turned out to be so much more than I expected, and I’m definitely pleasantly surprised. First, I love the focus on Jim Gordon as a detective new to Gotham City. He’s got this incredible sense of justice that’s at odds with just about everything and everyone in Gotham, including the rest of the police department and the city’s politicians. The way he and Bullock bump heads over everything is extremely fun to watch, especially since we know how things eventually end up between them (in the comics, Bullock doesn’t always agree with Gordon’s methods and vice versa, and generally doesn’t approve of his partnership with the Batman, but he has mad respect for him and would follow him straight to hell. He has, actually. More than once.) I like it that Gordon is refusing to play by Gotham’s rules, but that he’s smart about it. And I love that he has already established a sort of relationship with the young Bruce Wayne.

Speaking of which, the kid actors in this are awesome. Bruce is exactly how you’d expect him to be at 12 (or is he 13? I forget.); serious, determined, obsessive, but still a kid. He’s fantastic. And Selina Kyle (the future Catwoman) is really kick-ass. She’s a wise ass little pickpocket, street smart, but at the mercy of corrupt officials. She teams up with Gordon to help him find Bruce’s parents’ killer (since she witnessed the crime), in exchange for dodging a stint in a juvenile detention center (which is where Gotham sends homeless kids for being, well, homeless). She’s not a great partner, much to Gordon’s frustration.

Fish Mooney is a classic villainous crime boss, and I love every scene she’s in. She’s incredibly evil. And Oswald Cobblepot (the Penguin…but don’t call him that yet…he’ll gut you) is this pale, sniveling, weaselly little thug, but he’s a lot more conniving than anyone thinks.

Oh, and Alfred! Can’t forget Alfred…he is such a bad ass. As Bruce’s only remaining family, he’s way more than just a butler (as usual), and while he sometimes seems hard on Bruce, you can see it’s because of the very real fear he has of losing Bruce to the same darkness that took Bruce’s parents, one way or the other. Pretty astute, if you ask me…

I read that a potential “Joker” will be introduced every so often, to keep everybody guessing as to who will come to be Batman’s ultimate nemesis in the future. I can’t freakin’ wait.

This show is my current obsession. I watch last week’s episode in between new episodes. I rarely do that with any show. I hope it just continues to get better, because so far, I’m totally hooked.

Warning: Geek rant ahoy.

You know what really pisses me off about people shipping characters who have no canonical business being together? It’s that, in order to make the ship work, they have to completely change the character. Imagine being a fan of a character for a decade or so, then when that character finally starts getting more recognition from mainstream media, a whole bunch of new fans come sweeping in, Cool, right? No, not cool. Because now a bunch of these newer fans (not all of them, thankfully) decide that the character just isn’t good enough, as is, no. He needs an upgrade. “Hey, I know! Let’s take another beloved character that we only discovered recently and make these two a couple!” And then a bunch of people jump on this stupid bandwagon, thinking it’s the greatest idea since Pop Tarts, and the rest of us are left wondering where the hell this all came from in the first place. Since it’s, you know, not canonical in the slightest.

It’s like they think this character, who the rest of us dug the way he was, just wasn’t good enough. He wasn’t sweet or emotional or angsty enough before. But now that he’s all watered down and nothing like the character the rest of us know and love, he’s perfect now. Oh, the feels.

But it’s not supposed to be about their "feels". Do these people actually appreciate the character at all? Why not just make a new character that exhibits all of the qualities you want without swiping an already existing (awesome) character and then “fixing” them? Would that be so hard??

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