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I’m starting to think that whole “God works in mysterious ways” thing is no joke. Twice now, when I’ve been dangerously close to being completely broke, I’ve gotten calls from people asking me to cover their delivery routes for them. This last one actually had me back at the same workplace I quit last year (which is why I’m broke, see) and that was somewhere I thought I’d never go back to again. It was…weird. I may or may not have freaked out a little bit when no one was looking.

And now here I am, a little bit better off than I was over a month ago, but still no permanent job. Maybe every time I get down to my last $200, someone will call me up out of the blue and ask me to deliver mail for them for a week or two. While I’m really grateful for the work and the money, I still feel a little like I’m being trolled.

Please, God, don’t let this be Your way of telling me that my destiny is to work for a post office for the rest of my life. Please?



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You actually need to use one of the 4 available keys that are given to you by the pool creator. Once you find it, insert the key and it will transform into the pool. Also you need to use a map to find it. And you can’t tell anyone it’s location or else you would be going against the contract you sign and can be arrested.

I’m gonna pee in that pool.

I just drank the most beer I’ve ever had in one sitting (it was just one Red Stripe) and my brain feels like soup, but it’s a good kind of soup. Like clam chowder or something.

After the last week and a half, this is pretty good. My eyeballs are so lazy though. They don’t seem to want to do their job. And my fingers keep hitting the wrong keys. You can tell I never drink. This is ridiculous.

I have this beer in the back of the fridge that I’ve been saving, but it never seems to be the right time to drink it. I hardly ever drink, and can’t afford to buy more beer, so I need all the elements to be just right before I crack this one open. Sometimes I’ll think I should drink it because it’s really hot outside and a cold beer sounds good, other times I think I should drink it because I’m bored nearly to the point of madness, and still other times I think I should drink it because I’m feeling bad about things in general and isn’t that always a good time for alcohol?

Now I’m thinking about drinking it because I just finished a book and the ending was incredibly sad and I feel like a good beer buzz would be the perfect companion to this.

I bet normal adults don’t have these thoughts. I’ll have to find one and ask.

white winter hymnal/fleet foxes

It used to snow fairly regularly in southern California in winter, about 25 years ago; not anymore. But every now and then, we get one winter where there is one day of snow. And not just a little dusting, but a good couple of feet. Of course, this freaks everyone out, there’s a bunch of car accidents, cars stuck in snow drifts, people stupidly leaving their poor animals to brave the sudden freezing weather with little to no protection, that sort of thing. You’d think we’d never seen the stuff before (seriously, it’s embarrassing.)

A few years ago, we had one of these rare snowstorms, and I remember walking around in it (under dressed, of course…I don’t even own a proper winter coat) and listening to this song on my mp3 player. I always play my music on shuffle, and let the song dictate the tone of my situation.I like the way it sometimes changes my perspective. But this one was pretty ideal.

Man, it was beautiful, though. It even made this place look magical.



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It’s interesting because you give your partner a diamond as a symbol of the strength of your bond. How fitting that something representing a relationship is only valuable because it is perceived as being valuable. How often do we tearfully end a relationship only to later realize how unhealthy it was? 

Flowers, it is, then.

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