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pphobos said: That’s the thing; I’ve posted lots of negative shit about certain characters/ships. but then again I use “anti” tags when I do it. (Though that’s not always true since idiots will often stalk the anti tag for the thing they like too.)

My conclusion is that people around here just like to be pissed off. Initially, I thought about tagging that particular post better, but I didn’t think the post was that big a deal. If I’d posted the text post I’d been thinking about, that would have been a lot worse. And the fallout probably would have been, too.

They don’t know how close they were to a proper canon shot at their ship. Just no idea.

pphobos said: Where are my angry messages??? I’m pretty jealous here.

Just post something expressing even the slightest negativity towards a popular ship or fandom, and the hate will start pouring in. I guarantee it!

I could understand it if I was visiting their blogs and telling them everything they liked was stupid, but I just post my opinions on my own blog and suddenly everybody’s telling me to go to hell. It’s like high school all over again.

I’m starting to think that whole “God works in mysterious ways” thing is no joke. Twice now, when I’ve been dangerously close to being completely broke, I’ve gotten calls from people asking me to cover their delivery routes for them. This last one actually had me back at the same workplace I quit last year (which is why I’m broke, see) and that was somewhere I thought I’d never go back to again. It was…weird. I may or may not have freaked out a little bit when no one was looking.

And now here I am, a little bit better off than I was over a month ago, but still no permanent job. Maybe every time I get down to my last $200, someone will call me up out of the blue and ask me to deliver mail for them for a week or two. While I’m really grateful for the work and the money, I still feel a little like I’m being trolled.

Please, God, don’t let this be Your way of telling me that my destiny is to work for a post office for the rest of my life. Please?

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