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pphobos said: First off: congrats! Secondly, and trust me—an over anxious little shit—when I say that it won’t be nearly as bad as you think it’ll be. You’ll do fine. What kind of store is it?

Thanks! Yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve had any other job outside the post office and I didn’t even have to go through any interview process for that so that little voice in my head is just going nuts right now. It’s for Toys R’ Us, which is rarely busy except right around this time of year. So, if I get hired, hopefully that means decent hours. :)

So I got a call on my phone yesterday that I didn’t recognize so I ignored it (as you do). I realized the first three numbers were local, so I looked it up and it was the number to one of the stores I applied to, but they didn’t leave a message. Crap. So after stressing over what to do for a little while, I called back. When I got transferred to the hiring manager, she told me she was going to ask me to come in for an interview, but that she’d be conducting more interviews later in the week and that she’d call me back.

So now I’m just sitting here, waiting, trying not to be anxious and failing. I couldn’t sleep last night. I think I’m actually more stressed that she’ll call me in for an interview and I’ll get the job than anything else. All those worries about all the ways I could possibly mess up and humiliate myself, or that I’ll hate the job, or that my coworkers will be jerks.

Then I think about the paycheck and feel a little better.

Do you ever think that we’re all missing the point, and that most of the things that we think are important are really just a waste of time? Nobody ever seems to be able to even try to see themselves for what they are, or ask themselves why they are the way they are, they just keep plowing ahead, don’t even stop to take anything in. As if they knew what they were doing. As if any of us did.

I swear I’m not trying to get existential here, I’m just feeling a little pessimistic lately. Or maybe it’s just low blood sugar. They feel pretty similar.

pphobos said: Well, this site is full to the brim with special snowflake kids who, based on their posts on all those social issues, don’t seem to know how the real world works and have meltdowns over totally trivial things, so you’re right on that. What was the original post though, if…

They’re gonna get eaten alive out there.

This was the post that caused the miniature shitstorm. As you can see, it’s extremely provocative and controversial… :I

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