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i wont let this video die

i don’t know how many times i’ve reblogged this video, but i know it’s not enough

That driver had really good aim.



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It also makes the elevator seem twice as large, which helps those who are claustrophobic

More tolerable, huh? I guess this is assuming you actually like the way you look. I try to avoid mirrors. The only thing that ever seemed even remotely attractive about being a vampire to me, was the fact that vampires don’t have reflections. Well, that and the fangs, because fangs are pretty cool. Werewolves have two sets of fangs, which is partly why I dig them more than vampires, also they spend more time dismembering things and studying astronomy than sitting around brooding, which is more of a vampire thing and probably one of the most annoying things about them. What was I talking about again? Oh, right, I’m ugly.

Man, I have got to stop reading articles about writing. Most of ‘em say the same thing; don’t expect to get anywhere with your writing- chances are good that you probably suck. Just write for fun, and maybe you’ll one day win the publishing lottery. We doubt it though. Because you suck. Probably. Definitely.

It’s nothing but disheartening. Remember, back in the day, when people used to say “if you work hard enough and persevere, take criticism and improve, and never, ever give up, you can achieve anything”? What happened to those hippies?

I’ve spent my whole entire life doubting myself and giving up before I ever start, because there’s always somebody there to say, “gee, that looks hard. You probably can’t do it. You don’t have it in you.” And I’m sick of that. Where has it gotten me? You don’t want to know. I have this voice in my head that does nothing but spit venom at me 24 hours a day, telling me that I suck at life, that I could not be more of a loser if I tried, that nothing I ever do will ever amount to shit. I’m just tired of listening to this anymore. I like constructive criticism; I hate being told that I’m not one of those who will ever achieve anything, that things like that are reserved for those who were always golden, who were always winners, like success in life is some natural talent that you’re born with, and all the rest of us are just the suckers who keep the gears turning so that those overachievers can focus on the more important things.

That’s such a load of bullshit. Who is anyone to tell us that we can’t do something, that we can’t become who we want to become, that we can’t be happy? That we can’t be more? If we stand patiently by and wait our turn, it’s never gonna come. For most of us, good things won’t just fall into our laps. We have to seek out the lives we want, and make it happen.

I’m not gonna just wake up tomorrow, beaming with the radiance of epiphany and immediately start hammering out the greatest novel ever written. What I am going to do, is start kicking my own ass whenever I hear Bitter Betty snarling in my ear about how I’m gonna fail. I’m going to work, get things done. I’m gonna try.

And anybody who dares to tell me that I should count on being a failure can just eat my shorts. I’m not listening anymore.

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