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pphobos said: i love that will’s gotten sassier and now is going head to head with hannibal. yes, play them all, will. also was that the first time hannibal was legit scared, when will had a gun to his head? a++++

Hannibal screwed with the wrong guy…it is so on now.

Aw, man…Will’s face when he saw his dogs again, though…

When I first heard this cover of The Postal Service’s The District Sleeps Alone Tonight, I got an idea for a story. I finally started writing it tonight, and I am so happy with the tone so far. This makes five stories I’m working on concurrently, not to mention the half dozen or so others I have on deck. My friend and my sister have both told me that weed helps you focus, and I am seriously considering trying that just to get shit done. This is getting ridiculous.

pphobos said: i sadly can’t watch shows about conspiracy theories because it annoys me. although sometimes i love watching shows about monster myths being real, ha.

Ooh, I love those. Cryptids are my favorite thing…I have always wanted to believe in the Loch Ness Monster and chupacabra. Hell, I’d even be happy if they discover sasquatch is real (still hoping to see the desert sas…elusive bastard)

But all that stuff is crazy fun-time to me. I don’t believe in ghosts or aliens, though I do allow for the possibility of the latter, but I am endlessly fascinated by all that insanity. Also, it can be really good inspiration for writing.

pphobos said: i can’t stand people who don’t understand the word no (even in general, not just guys). jesus christ, asking me a million times afterwards will not change my answer in the least. i had this problem with my last job. being polite=/=wanting your ass.

It ranges from incredibly offensive/creepy to severely awkward. I know there are some people who don’t read social cues very well, but there’s also a lot who know damn well they’re making you uncomfortable and just completely ignore the fact. It makes me wish I could just not give a shit and tell them in the most blatant way possible that they’re being annoying and to please piss off.

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